Daniel Marcelo | Contest for pavilion reform in Vila-seca - Daniel Marcelo

Contest for pavilion reform and coverage proposal of sports ground. Vila-seca. (Tarragona) / (Catalonia)

The demand was to provide a facelift to the current flag, and simultaneously provide coverage of the adjacent hockey court. The proposal includes interior design treatment, such as the lobby, hallways, removal of barriers, new dressing rooms and a new indoor sports hall interpretation.

As to the outer race, It was intended to carry out several slices or sections that incorporate different situations presented by the pavilion, for example, it integrated the outside stairs of the pavilion, the immediate olives trees on the court and the climbing wall that was hooked on the façade of the sports center. The result was in line with the economic demands of the base and gives to the campus a well differentiated construction of the rest.

Year: 2015
Category: Contest of interior design and construction of sport deck
Partners: G. Carrera. – Indibil Solans Ibáñez (architecture student). – Judit Cort (architecture student)