Daniel Marcelo | Competition cerebral palsy center. - Daniel Marcelo

Competition for the renovation and expansion “the Muntanyeta” group with cerebral palsy center. Bonavista (Tarragona) / Catalonia

The objective of this contest is to occupy an ancient high school located in Bonavista (Tarragona), to transform it into a center for cerebral palsy. In the first place, the competition is approached from a viewpoint of Therapeutic Campus with multiple areas of open spaces and gardens. It is proposed to remove the existing building anything that program not forming part of medical activity, such as the administrative area, the hall, the kitchen, dining room, cafeteria and laundry, i.e. all activities we believe that they must be in direct contact with the outside. The therapeutic gardens are leafy Mediterranean forest areas, aromatic plants, self-cultivation orchards and managed by the group of mental disability, equestrian routes, of sunny squares, grass, smells, feelings and everything that can motivate the enjoyment human senses, of both the protagonists such as employees.

The Project presents three types of ways:

  • Perimetral way: of compacted vegetable soil, where medical care vehicles can circulate and also can be an equestrian circuit.
  • Porch way: connects the existing building with the proposed program, built outside the main building while the proposed building on ground floor contains an internal circulation for the protagonists of the campus and a more private service road.
  • Internal circulation way: these provide many opportunities for travel, designed to enjoy and walk around the campus be a different experience each time.

The viability of this project stands out as a process over time, i.e. the campus can be carried out by construction phases. In the first phase, the ground floor of the existing building would adjusted and be built on the ground floor: the hall, dining room, kitchen and laundry. In the second stage is expected the execution of some lattice porches to extol planning diagonals.

Year: 2015
Category: Competition for reform and expansion
Partners: G. Carrera, architect – Indibil Solans Ibáñez (architecture student).