Daniel Marcelo | University Residence in Reus - Daniel Marcelo

University Residence at the Campus Bellisens of Reus (Tarragona). Catalonia

The previous step of the project is to redo the land use planning of «Bellisens» campus, and secondly, a university student residence is planned.

Once the campus is analysed, five residential nests are proposed that order the campus and at the same time fill it with life. The idea of ​​dividing into 5 architectural pieces arises from investigating and grouping the residents in a reduced way, with the intention of facilitating more intimacy and reinforcing the affective bonds as if they were great families.

The type building is structured in three levels: the ground floor is the smallest space designed to access the building, laundry space, facilities space and bicycle storage. The second level houses the common space at double height surrounded by the typologies of university residence, and in the last level also have university rooms.

The space of the building with more importance, is the interior community area, a double height environment that feeds all typologies. This common space designed to cook, eat, relax, talk, watch the TV … That is, a space destined to work and perform group work.

Year: 2011
Category: Urban Equipment
Photography: Daniel Marcelo
Customer: Architecture School of Reus