Daniel Marcelo | «Expanded Eye» ephemeral architecture - Daniel Marcelo

«Expanded room» Association of Tarragona’s Architects. Catalonia

The “Expanded Room” was an exhibition that was exhibited at the Tarragona School of Architects by the Reus Higher Technical School of Architecture, led by the architect-professor Arturo Frediani in 2007.

In our case we built the 1: 1 scale project by the team formed by: Alberto Zornoza, Albert Pérez, Anna Mélic and Daniel Marcelo, titled as “infinite space” which by means of a prism of 2x2x3 meters covers the 32 m² interior By mirrors and at the same time the interior space was broken with a phosphorescent string of LED inside. There was a brutal sensation of Infinite space.

Year: 2007
Category: Ephemeral architecture
Partners:  Alberto Zornoza (leader). Albert Pérez, Anna Melic, Daniel Marcelo
Photography: Joan Veciana
Customer: Architecture School of Reus