Daniel Marcelo | Seafront in Tarragona - Daniel Marcelo

Feasibility study on the transformation of the waterfront of Tarragona. Catalonia

This study, tutored by the architect Arturo Frediani Sarfati, deals with the main urban problem presented by the city of Tarragona since 1856. Since then, countless documents and proposals have been developed to respond to this problem. One of those that deserves more respect, was reflected in his moment by the director of the Port: the engineer of channels, ports and roads Saturnino Bellido, that in 1883 he glimpsed the future problem to which presented the city, for that reason, realized A study to relocate a new train station west of the city.

Right now this solution would be unthinkable since the economic factor would be a great handicap. Even so, the previous proposals tried to bury or raise the train tracks. In our case study, we chose to maintain the current situation of the train station, the solution began by releasing the train tracks before the Serrallo neighbourhood, building a new viaduct, then used the existing structure of the lift bridge of APT (Port Authority of Tarragona) and Finally the roads were buried before arriving at the current station. To add a relevant budget data, this proposal is valued at approximately 25 million euros in contrast to the 330 million euros that it costs to bury the train tracks.

Year: 2012
Category: Urbanism and landscaping
Partner: Arturo Frediani
Photography: Daniel Marcelo
Customer: Architecture School of Reus