Daniel Marcelo | monument to those killed. Tarragona - Daniel Marcelo

Competition to the monument to those shot the «Turó de l’Oliva». Tarragona

The competition organized by the Municipality of Tarragona. Intended to provide historical memory to the Oliva’s mound. We presented ourselves with two very different proposals. In the first, it was designed to make a sea of tombstones, particularly with the exact number of executed. Besides the tombstones were a sinuous movement like the sea, because the sea was the last image visualized. The second proposal aims to provide a vigorous and rolling monument in reference to the sea, arranged on the mound Oliva. The proposed monument seeks to place the shelter function, abstraction and reflection.

Year: 2010
Category: Monument contest
Partner: Alberto Zornoza
Customer: Municipality of Tarragona
Photography: Daniel Marcelo