Daniel Marcelo | Collective Housing in «Flix» nearby «Ebro» river - Daniel Marcelo

Collective Housing in Flix. Tarragon. Catalonia

This exercise of collective housing made by three students of architecture, tried to agree on a urban project, which evolved a urban scale to a domestic scale. From a early stage of study, we understood that the project’s viability could not only carried out by performing a joint proposal, if not interacting with the different systems that make up a city. First, prioritize open a public spaces as a special case study compared the customization of the architect through architecture, i.e. we grant more importance to the scale of the project and as adhered to existing tissue, facilitating connections previous of the urban system and giving new spaces of places.

It is a project that was understood mainly in section, note that Flix is located in a meander and likewise, the city is located around a mound with a very steep slope until it reaches the river in a very comfortable way, specifically right next to the hydroelectric power station. The project placed special energy in this sense, causing a volumetric transition from top to the Ebro riverbed.
Finally, regarding housing, the maximum premise to keep in mind, it was that all types had a secured the river views, and at the same time would enjoy a unique east-west and above South face.

Year: 2010
Housing, urbanism and landscaping
Xabier García Colomé and Lluís Martí Risco
Xabier García and Daniel Marcelo
Architecture School of Reus