Daniel Marcelo | Special plan in «Horta de S. Joan» - Daniel Marcelo

Special plan to document and preserve the historic façades of the town core

The municipality of «Horta de Sant Joan» located in the region of «Terra Alta» drafted a urban improvement, by which to request aid to heal the state of the facades, commissioned a previous surveying the facades around the city center. This collaboration was carried out in two phases by the technical colleges of Architecture’s school of Reus, directed by the teacher’s architects Josep-Maria Toldrà and Agustí Costa and supervised by Dr Architect Pau Solà-Morales.

The task was performed in the period of two academic years, in the first phase participated these architecture students:

Miquel Andreu, Regina Bau, Andreu Blanch, Joan Espuis, Anna Ferré, Laia Gil, Anna Gonzalez and Daniel Marcelo. In the last phase participated: Andreu Blanch, Joan Espuis, Anna Ferré, María Franch, Amalia Jansà, Damián Rodríguez and Daniel Marcelo.

It was a positive experience where we could enjoy the wine of the region, the freezing cold and their welcoming people.

Year: First phase: March 2013 / Second phase: March 2014
Category: Cataloguing and special plan
Collaboration: Horta de Sant Joan’s town hall, teachers and students of the Architecture’s school of Reus.
Photography: Daniel Marcelo