Daniel Marcelo | Hotel in Escaladei – Priorat - Daniel Marcelo

Viewpoint hotel in the mountain range of Montsant. County of Priorat. (Tarragona) -Spain

A few kilometres from the Carthusian Monastery of «Escaladei» is located this draft of viewpoint hotel at «Morera del Montsant» (Catalonia), whose inclination of the land exceeds a 30% slope. A priori, we understand this gap as an advantage of the project since it enables structuring the intervention in two terraced levels, with the virtue of integrating the landscape, the environment and minimize their environmental impact.

The operation of the hotel equipment is descendant character, that is, on ground floor is located the vehicles parking, access of people, reception, and restaurant bar, then we go down the outside ramp or stairs towards to the lower level, in this plant there are room units as well as the fitness and wellness areas.

The most outstanding feature of the hotel equipment is in the perception of the landscape as a projection towards the interior of the hotel, i.e. is enhanced visual permeability with the nature and landscape of «Montsant», a spatial continuity that can integrate everything from outer space to the inside. Specifically, this idea was thanks to large low-emissivity windows, protected by an exterior wood shutters system.

Note that the sinuosity of the plant emerges from the natural movement of the level curves, so this topographical adaptation corresponds to a structural criterion. The importance of holding the ground against landslides were taken into account during the design of the structure, a load-bearing walls which are distributed perpendicular to the contour lines, to block without doubt the topography. Thanks to this decision we can orient all rooms towards different viewpoints. In short, the rules of natural landscape have provided us the architectural tactics to define this hotel, integrating it in a respectful and consistent manner with the environment.


Year: 2015
Category: Architecture
Architect: Daniel Marcelo Martí
Partner: Marc Bonet Herrero
Photography: Daniel Marcelo Martí
Customer: anonymous investor.